Finding a job or gig has just become a little less painful.

Getting a job or gig that's just right for you isn't easy. It can be a time consuming and emotionally draining process. JobKit is a curated collection of job boards that helps ease the pain. You will still need to browse through job posts to find your happy place, but at least now you have a great place to start your hunt.

The featured job boards include tips that will quickly help you decide which service suits your needs.

And for those who are not sure what you want to do, JobKit will highlight opportunities you didn't even know existed. Perhaps you're interested in finance, but investment banking is not the right path for you. JobKit will have you covered. There are awesome opportunities in impact investing that could use your skills. Or perhaps you're looking to escape the office cubicle and work remotely. JobKit will lead you to these opportunities.

Go find your next job like a boss. Happy job hunting!